Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Software Architect Proverbs

If Architects spent as much time building as they do arguing (debating), wonder if there would be more usable applications?

Governance Architects: Paid "No-men".

There are no such things as bad applications, just bad architects.

An architect's ego is often bigger than their architecture.

Fixing a bad software architecture is like getting over a sunburn-- lots of peeling, head scratching, and eventually reproducing from the beginning.

Enterprise Architects preach that technology is not the solution, but they use technology every day, hour, and minute. I find that ironic.

Don't let 1 bad software bug spoil the pot.

The biggest communication gap I see with architects is their failure to communicate that the architecture can change. It can, and most likely will! It's not a matter of "IF", its a matter of "when" change occurs.

We often compare software architecture to building a house. How many houses do you know can change their infrastructure rapidly? Maybe a bad example to compare physical world to virtual world?

How many Architects want to be like The Architect in the Matrix? I do. He is THE architect.

Speaking of Matrix, seems the Oracle beat the Architect in the final chapter of the Matrix Trilogy. Technology can win.

Whens the last time an Architect said "Good Job", "Thank You", "You're right", or "damn, you are just smarter than me..."