Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who am I?

This blog was originally started in August 2008, and this post is a re-post of the first content I published on back in August 2008, the date when this blog was orginally invented. Please keep in mind that the views, opinions, and recomendations of this blog are soley those of Jordan Braunstein. This blog is not associated with any company and is the personal blog of Jordan Braunstein. User comments on this blog and content will only be addressed during non-business hours, so not to interfere with my daily work tasks -- thanks for your understanding!

Finally! Finally off my tuchus and starting a blog. As the saying goes, long time listener, first time caller. My blog will be centered around an industry that I have consulted in for many years, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This term SOA means so many things to so many people, so I will cover all the expansive definitions and applications, but my main goal is to make SOA simple, digestable, and easy to implement! An IT paradigm that is easy?...holy cow!

Through my trials and tribulations, I've encountered enough organizations frustrated with SOA to believe I need to tell them (and the greater Universe as well) how SOA can be easy (so easy a caveman can do it!). You just have to do it the right way, and many organizations don't start the right way...but that's ok...I know how to fix things that have gone down the wrong path, and it doesn't involve taking a magic pill....but sometimes they do call me the Wolf (Pulp Fiction).

So, this blog will be an information source for how to make SOA simple (since I am a practitioner in reductionism!).

For you curious minds, here is my background, and credentials:

I've been in the SOA, EAI, B2Bi, Legacy Modernization space for just over 11 years (time flys when your having fun...). I've worked with roughly 100 customers and partners advising and implementing integration implementations that have positive business results. I've seen the trends, buzz, and flavors the day come and go. Ultimately, I know how to get business excited about IT solutions and for good reason-- IT does matter! It is an enabler!

I ventured into SOA (EAI back in 1998) as the first East Coast consultant for Active Software (think Brokers and adapters), worked a # of years for webMethods as a field Architect (think EAI, B2Bi, Mainframe integration) after Active Software was acquired by webMethods; I free-lanced as an SOA Architect for a number of years helping customers with building sound architecture and governance; I started BearingPoint Public Service's SOA practice (focus on Federal clients, but some State and Higher Ed too), and now I am working with customers to ensure sound SOA, EA, and BPM practices.

I look forward to collaberating with others, and feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, concerns, or complaints.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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