Sunday, March 28, 2010

Healthcare IT to benefit greatly from new Bill

Whether you are an elephant or donkey, something we can all agree on is that our health care system is currently not well-integrated from an Information Technology perspective. Health care is filled with expensive data redundancies, outdated and non-timely information, slow processes, and yes even bad and incorrect data. Well, if your in the business of integrating these systems, processes, and institutions, your in luck because the new health care bill is full of funding for electronic medical integration, and is said to "buoy last years $20M health care IT stimulus". Wow. Health care IT innovation may finally be getting its proverbial kick in the butt. This is a good article that provides a nice overview: . If your in the market of integrating these systems, go hire a good proposal and grant writer because there will be a lot of opportunities to win business with the government. And, if we truly deliver on the promises of an efficient Health care system with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), we the citizens will benefit as well in having better visibility into our records, faster medical processing, less mistakes, reduced costs, etc. Healthcare IT has always lagged from its corporate peers in updating its IT systems, but now we can expect to see a lot of catch-up...the only question is at what cost? Maybe this is something Republicans and Democrats can agree on?

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