Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why I attend Oracle Open World

We live in a complex world. A world that is constantly changing. Businesses need to be able to adapt and evolve, rapidly, or face the consequences of failure. How do companies keep up with new customer demands, evolving business processes, new legislation, industry regulations and compliance, and business channels fueled by the Internet, and more? How do organizations protect against the risk of failure? We attend Oracle Open World, a forum to collaborate with peers, industry advisors, and leading experts on how to create and leverage solutions to solve complex business problems. Providing attendees contribute their expertise, knowledge power, intellectual capital, demonstrations, and leading practices so that other organizations have not only a proof point, but a roadmap to success. Others attend to learn, collaborate, network, and inquire how to design their solutions appropriately. It is a melting pot or ideas, solutions, and approaches for everyone to leverage. Opportunities abound to discuss the best businesses use of Oracles technology, so we can be more agile, flexible, and dynamic to meet the business challenges of today-- and address the unforeseen issues of tomorrow. Decisions will be made at Open World that will impact many organizations—product direction, architecture, and best use of technology. It’s important to remember that in today’s technology marketplace, we have many choices, and we have to be careful that we select, design, and implement the right platforms that will provide the appropriate solutions for our business—we must be equipped for success. Technology decisions come with risks that include stability, scalability, agility, performance, and meeting business expectations. No company can afford to make the wrong technology decisions, and this is why Open World is so important. Attendees can count on Oracle Open World to provide the proper insight, approach, and products to not only mitigate risks, but provide a roadmap to success.

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